"no sub-sub-domains for dreamhosters.com" -why?!

Adding a domain (via Control Panel: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.manage&current_step=Index&next_step=ShowAddhttp&domain= )
of NewSub.MySubDoman.Dreamhosters.com is failing with the error quote[Can’t add domain: no sub-sub-domains for dreamhosters.com], and even though drupal.MySubDomain.Dreamhosters.com already exists (was created no-problem by One-Click Install of Drupal.)

  • What workaround?
  • Why can I not do it? Including what’s the logic behind this limitation?
  • And then, if so, why could One-Click-Install do it no-problem?

If you can create a sub-sub-domain via One-Click installs, you can play this trick.

  1. Use One-Click installs to create a sub-sub-domain
  2. Log into your FTP account
  3. Delete all the files in /home/username/sub-sub-domain directory and keep the directory.
  4. Upload the files to this directory.

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That should be added to a cheat-sheet somewhere.

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I think the reason is because you are generally not allowed to create sub-sub domains and because subdomain.dreamhosters.com is already a subdomain the system just blocks the creation of sub-sub domains. I’m getting the idea that they are doing this to prevent people from creating too many subdomains instead of using sub-folders. Each subdomain has to have a configuration entry in the webserver. Too many subdomains would increase the size of the server configuration dramatically.

This would also explain why you can still create sub-sub Domains on a DNS level since it only affects the DNS server and not the webserver configuration.

Still, I agree, they should make an exception when it comes to the creating of sub-sub domains on a dreamhosters.com level.


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