No status regarding domain transfer


Two days before I tried to transferred my domain from another host to my dreamhost account, in that regards I paid required fee, which also extends the 1-year registration to the transferred domain. Problem is that it is not transferred yet and does not have any email from dreamhost regarding any success or problem for that transaction and when I logon to my control panel and at “Reg. Transfer” page, it says, “You currently have no pending outgoing registration transfers on this account.”

According to my previous host, domain is unlock, now what shall I do to resolve that issue where I already made a transfer fee. Any help regarding that issue will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards

The fee is a credit until the transfer occurs. Make sure that any privacy guard on the domain is turned off and you have the authorization code. Then try again. Instead of charging you, it’ll show that you still have a $9.95 credit.

Once you submit the request, it should show as a pending transfer on your Registrations page. If you really get stuck, contact Support.



Thanks for your reply, personally, I am not familiar with the domain system in depth but as I asked my previous host regarding domain transfer he told me that domain is unlock and can be transferred to any other host. I like to know that in that scenario what can be done and how it will done as well as normally how many days’ transfer will take.

Thanks and regards

It can be pretty frustrating sometimes trying to track what is happening when transferring a domain. I recently transferred a domain to DH that never did show up in the “pending” list on the DreamHost panel even though the transfer did actually go through.

As long as you have done all the right things (unlocked the domain, entered any required auth code, etc.) sometimes you just have to be patient. ICANN rules allow up to 5 days for a registrant to object to a transfer request - so it often (usually?) does take that long.

Some losing registrars give you a way to “authorize” the transfer, while others just wait the 5 days and then complete the transfer if no objection is received.


Is your contact info correct in the WHOIS info for the domain? If the losing registrar is emailing you an “authorize transfer” link, that’s important.

Also, if it was registered or renewed within the last 60 days, you’ll have to wait before it can be transferred.

If you haven’t already, you can still switch the nameservers at your old registrar to DH’s and get the hosting setup while you sort the registration out.

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Thanks to both of you, as I mentioned earlier I am not so familiar with domain stuff therefore I am not in a hurry but meanwhile am working over new look for that domain :). In addition, I talked to the domain host and they told me that domain is not lock and therefore now I think that within a few days it will be sort out between dreamhost and the old host. I am unable to change DNS settings, now as I do not know where the setting panel is on my old host control panel but will look for that after few days when it will not be transferred.