No Site?

I did a transfer and selected a new plan on 3-31-07, but I’m not seeing the website on the server. The DNS points to the nameservers your wiki suggested as well. In my account it tells me that it’s still pending transfer… The domain is ‘’.

What am I doing wrong? I’d like to get my site up ASAP. Please let me know what I can do.


I’m not sure how the domain transfer screens are set up, but do you see the domain as a managed domain under “Manage Domains”? If not, you should “Add New Domain / Sub-Domain” in that part of the control panel. That’s a separate step from the setting up of DNS and domain management, which it seems like you’ve already done.

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Probably nothing. :slight_smile: Losing registrars have been know to drag their feet, though they are supposed to complete the transfer within 5 days (which is right where you are now). Assuming they initiated the transfer immediately upon you requesting it, it should “move” anytime now - if they waited a day or so to start the process, it may take a bit more time.


It tells me that the domain is added, but under registration and web hosting it says “None”. When I click ‘edit hosting’ it tells me:

You have no plans on this account that allow hosting a domain.

When I click ‘add domain’ tells me I already have one. Kind of a weird loop… it also tells me I’m still “pending” so maybe the transfer hasn’t processed yet?

Anyhoo, thanks for the help. Hopefully this gets sorted soon. I’ve been without my site for months and it’s been killing me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again.

If it says “Pending” in your DreamHost panel, then that means your payment hasn’t gone through completely.

I suggest filing a ticket in the panel and ask support if they can approve your account. That would likely explain why you can’t add a domain as well, and possibly why the transfer hasn’t gone through completely.
Though I’m not entirely positive, so contacting support is your best option :slight_smile: