No site content (empty folder) after logging into host


Hi everybody!
I need help.

I was employed to support a website (to be a webmaster) hosted on one of dreamhost’s servers.
Site is working and everything OK.

I asked my employer to give me access to hosted files directory and she sent me credentials.
Login/password are ok, i entered host via both sftp and ssh
BUT there are NO FILES at all!!!

~ ($HOME) is empty - only Maildir logs (inaccessible)
and some config files are there


I think my boss made a mistake and performed wrong operation in DreamHost’s CPanel (don’t know its exact name or trademark) - she created NEW USER in her account for new website (still non-existent) but I NEED another additional user to access the same one.

What i need to say her to fix a problem?

please, write me an Private message if you know how to solve a problem!

it’s rather urgent


Yes, it seems like she just created a new user, not one who owns those files. She needs to give you the credentials of the user that the domain is running under, so, the same account she uses.

Or, she could move the domain files to the new user she created for you.


thank you for answer, artgeek

any other suggestions from anybody else?


Suggestion: if she doesn’t want to give you the full credentials of the existing user, she can ask you to generate an ssh key pair and send her the public half of it which she would install in the .ssh directory of the user in question.

Then you can log in and have full access to the user, but you never know the password and she retains ultimate control of the user.