No Server on port 21?

What does that mean? My web space used to work fine, I let it lapse and then paid it back up and now all my stuff is gone. I have tried in vain to get MS Frontpage to reload my webs but I keep geting this message, “no server found on port 21, please check [something]…”

Why is this? I tried to work with DreamHost Support but that appears to be quite the misnomer as they just said to buy better, more compatible, software even though frontpage worked fine before. I DL’ed coffe cup trial and it still wouldn’t load… no help from support.

anybody have any idea why my stuff won’t load? A guy I know on my car forum got some of my webpages to load using some FTP deal but none of my pics work. I would LOVE to have frontpagework again and I wouldn’t mind rebuilding it all in frontpage and reloading it all… I just want it to be easy since I suck at the internet!!

ALl I want to do is post pics and vids to share with my family and friends… nothing fancy, no flash/music/embedded stuff/forums… just pics and vids.

I’m a computer retard… and ESPECIALLY when it comes to web pages!!

If your website is the one listed in your profile (you didn’t say in either of your posts), then you need to upload your images to the appropriate directories (folders).

I just looked, and none of them are there. That is why your images don’t show up. :wink:

If you upload your pictures to the directories in which they belong, they will show up (and you have a lot of missing images)


but how do I do that when everytime I try to “publish webs” through frontpage it gives me this error?

I got these pages loaded through FTP and only the pages went, not the pics… I tried loading the pics but it doesn’t seem to work. How can I get the pics I uploaded FTP-style into the old file directory format I set up originally? As you mentioned, the folders are there showing my original, semi-logical, format but the pics don’t go in there when I upload them using FTP.

THANKS so much for your comment… and yes, is my website.

I’m a computer retard… and ESPECIALLY when it comes to web pages!!

You might want to try it again, as it seems from other reports that there were some ftp related troubles about the time you were reporting having that error, and they appear to be “fixed” now.

First, forget about FrontPage. You use an FTP client program to upload the proper picture file into their appropriate directories. There are many free and excellent FTP clients downloadable from the web (check the DH wiki, or use Google), so you don’t have to “buy” any new software.

If you goto the DreamHost wiki ( and explore the "Getting Started pages and the FTP related pages, you can learn a lot about how all this works together to put stuff on the web.

How you “get into” the right directory to do the upload depends on the FTP program you choose to use, but most of them are simple graphical user interfaces (usually paned windows) showing you files and “folders” (really they are directories) on your “local” computer and on the “remote” computer (the server to which you are connected, in this case DreamHost).

In most cases you simply double-click on a folder in the “remote” window pane, and the program enters that folder and displays it’s contents. Once you are “in” the correct folder on the “remote” computer, you can usually either “drag-n-drop” from the “local” computer’s window pane to the “remote” computer’s window pane (this is “uploading”).

You can also usually tag and click files (or groups of files) in the local computer display and then issue a command (from a menu or with a pop menu via a right mouse-click) to “upload” the file(s). When you do this, the files are sent to the directory (“folder”) you are in as displayed in the remote window. There is more, but hose are the essentials. Take a look at the help files for the FTP client you choose to use, and you should be able to figure it out.

BTW, DreamHost support was actually doing you a huge favor by suggesting you abandon Fr*ntPage. It is a “dead” product tha even it’s mother doesn’t support any more and, while it worked “reasonably well” at one time for many, it’s continued use, and you relying on it, is only going to lead to more frustration for you. Hey, old Commodore 64 was a “great computer” in it’s day, but it’s not suitable for surfing the web

This isn’t the place to go into all of that, but you can find plenty of relevant information to explain why that is true by searching this forum or the web in general (Google is your friend).


HOLY POOP Batman!!! I think this is actually working!! I am re-uploading the files using FTP instead of Frontpage, thought the pages were built using Frontpage… and Diving down into the sub folder architecture I built, I am uploading all the pics again (MAJOR PITA) and it seems to be working!! The family tab and then Family visits Redondo BEach is now loaded!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

I don’t know that this will/has solved all my problems but if I can just get it work like this, then I’m a happy Camper!!! I don’t mind so much doing it this, MUCH harder, way so long as it works. What FTP program is best/fastest/easiest to use? I’m using net2ftp at the moment but it seems somewhat clumsy and I can’t click more than one file at a time for upload…

I’m a computer retard… and ESPECIALLY when it comes to web pages!!

When I started this webpage I used Frontpage and I could just click “publish webs” and it would automatically upload everything that was different from what was on the server so it was literally 2-3 clicks could upload hudreds of files and new pages and such… wit hteh FTP I seem to have to make 3-5 clicks per file I want to upload…

How can I get to where I could use something like coffee cup or whatever to create the new pages I need to create, and then publish straight to the site without using FTP and all those darned clicks??

I’m a computer retard… and ESPECIALLY when it comes to web pages!!

It’s not about using a “web builder” program to “publish” vs using FTP to publish that determines how many “clicks” it takes.

I use a decent FTP client (several actually, depending upon where I am working and what operating system I am working with) and I can “publish” hundreds of pages and files with one click (I just upload a folder).

The answer to your question about working efficiently, whether you use a “beginner’s tool” or a real FTP client is less about the tool than it is about learning how to use it. :wink:

Invest a little time in learning how this stuff works (the web is full of tutorials), and learn how to use whatever tools you use as efficiently as possible. If you do this, you will quickly see that those “beginner’s tools” are actually slower, less flexible, and more inconvenient to use than traditional internet tools.

If you are bound and determined to go with “web publishing” stuff, give NVU/KompoZer a try (if you are looking for “free”), Contribute (if you are looking for less expensive professional tools), and DreamWeaver if you want to spend some more serious money (and are willing to spend some serious learning time).