No return tags error in google webmaster


Hello I am applying hreflag code in my website for international SEO. but whenever i log in google webmaster tools they show me no return tags error screenshot below mentioned

Site URL:-


There are some common reasons why the “no return tag” error happens.

  • Incorrect URL in hreflang code (this happened when I first built the apknite website for my customer)
  • Alternates are blocked from indexation
  • X-default corner case
    Checks To Run To Troubleshoot:
    (i) Check headers for the pages within error report to make sure the page returns a 200 server response
    (ii) Check markup to make sure the hreflang code is correct, and check to see if the return tag is not there or malformed. If you don’t see the hreflang in the markup or in the headers, check for it in the sitemap.


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