No response from support

How can dreamhost be contacted when there is no response from support?

I have been waiting 4 days for a response from technical support concerning a problem with maintaining email service in an imminent OS upgrade. An earlier response from “Steven D” dismissively implied that my service will no longer be provided but he did not understand what I wrote so I don’t know what is going to happen and can’t get a response from support.

I have a VPS dreamhost provided configuration with all email forwarded from the mail server for local processing by procmail and local spamassassin for all kinds of filtering and archiving. Past maintenance has broken this because the technicians did not check to retain the configuration, so this is a serious threat with an OS replacement. The lack of response makes it look like I am being stonewalled. I have been a dreamhost customer for 10 years. What is going on and what can I do about it?

I haven’t needed to suggest this to anyone for awhile, but take it to Twitter @dreamhostcare

Thanks, but I don’t use twitter. Can someone else do it, referencing Message #: 7304320?

I fear account reprisal… I will not express the frustration I feel

“This email is to let you know that we have received your message and
will be replying to it within 24 hours. Your tracking # is…”

Suffice to say Dream Host customer support really needs a call center. AND while they site security as a primary reason for not providing this tack… It’s burdensome to the user who needs solutions expeditiously.

I fear that is is a garage operation.

I will return to my bench and wait for them to call my name…

Dreamhost does have a call back function, which costs extra.

24/7 Telephone support has never been part of Dreamhost’s model.

I also must add, with a few exceptions, Dreamhosts model works as it should. If you had a call center a better the number of failures would in fact be greater.

I don’t need telephone support. I need a response by email for which I have been waiting for 6 days, with additional requests for a response since then. Something is very wrong and it isn’t about telephone support.

Eight days after my response to Steven D, who did not understand or address the original ticket, he responded with the assurance that my email system would continue to work after the OS upgrade.

Yesterday the upgrade broke it completely and I have been without service for 16 hours with no correction in sight.

Seven hours after I reported the problem Steven D finally answered saying he doesn’t know what to do about the loss of POP service and said to let him know if I need anything else. He also continued to show that he still doesn’t understand the problems and the fact that this is a dreamhost provided VPS, not my custom installation.

Will someone there who is responsible PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS? This utterly exasperating. I am without service and am getting no intelligible response and long delays from support. What am I supposed to do when all queries and complaints are funneled through the same “support” that squashes them? Why is there no way to appeal problems to management? Can mistakes of this magnitude be made innocently? Is this deliberate reprisal against a customer? Does anyone there care? Is Dreamhost stifling its own support because it is struggling financially? Is Dreamhost going out of business or deliberately purging customers?