No response from support

Over the past week, I have had several exchanges with support about my site being up and down for several days. Then yesterday, 1/20, support has not responded to several of my emails. And they still have not responded up until the time stamp on this post. What gives?

My open support ticket numbers are:


Please let me know what is happening with my site! I’m very frustrated and am ready to move to BlueHost (my annual renewal is next month) if my site issues cannot be resolved in short order.

I don’t know what gives - I’m just a customer, like most people on these forums. Do you have three separate issues, hence the three open tickets? It sounds like you have one open case you can continue to use while this gets resolved. What did they already tell you the problem was?


I actually only have one issue. I didn’t know my repeated attempts of requesting a response from support via the same email they originally responded with would result in multiple tickets.

My problem is not isolated to just me. It seems that MANY customers are having the same problem with their site either being non-responsive or returning a 500 response. Either way, I have been given no resolution other than an email encouraging me to “hang in there” and “they will get back to me”.

Believe me, I understand how technical issues can be difficult to troubleshoot. But my issue has been going on since Monday. In my opinion, this is WAY too long to resolve a technical issue. If I provided this level of service to my customers at my employer, I would be fired. I’ve been working in IT for nearly 20 years so I really do know what I’m talking about.

I guess my only choices are to wait it out and hope things become stable or move to a new host. I’ll wait until the morning to see how well things get resolved and make my decision then.

I have the same problem as you modmyrv, I have one site that has been down since Thursday (Jan. 22nd).

Now admittedly, the problem was on my end. I had a problem where the CMS I’m using was causing high loads due to a sessions issue, but I fixed the problem within 10 minutes of receiving notification of my site being disabled.

I then emailed them back telling them the issue is fixed on my end and I have yet to receive a response other than the automated BS. It’s been almost 72 hours now and my website is still disabled.

I’ve got a VPS that I’m seriously thinking about moving all my sites to and dropping Dreamhost permanently.

Im having the same 500 Internal Server Error.

Have sent a ticket today, so hasn’t been a long wait, but will keep an eye on the response time.

Back to the error, anyone else having this problem and anyone have any ideas why its just started happening today?


Same issues here. I just switched to a VPS and the RAM is MAXED! But my sites are all slower than they were on the shared hosting plan, and I get 500 errors. Plus no response for 3 days from my support ticket.
Something is amiss and they’re not telling us…yet.

Is anyone else running SMF forums that are having these issues?

We have had the same problem with DH over the past few weeks. Initially our VPS started doing the 500 Internal Server Error so I tried bumping up our resources from around $50/month to $100+ /month and that fixed the errors (or at least made us have to reboot the VPS to fix the error less often). Still not reliable though.

The next BIG problem was 4 days ago when one of our clients sent an email with an attachment using MS Outlook to a subscriber list (maybe 100 people) and somehow the email has been stuck in the outgoing email queue on the server and has been resent to every single recipient over 100 times!!! Yes our client is furious to say the least and there is NOTHING we can do to help as DH support will not even reply to our support tickets. I have tried SSH-ing in to see if I can view/modify the email queue somehow but it doesn’t look like it’s stored on our user directory structure.

We have used DH for a few years now and mostly their support has been great… but this issue is seriously making us consider moving to another host. Initially we went with DH because it was cheap (<$10/month), but now we are paying over $100/month and don’t even have anyone in their support department helping us with an issue that is obviously not something we can do ourselves.

Sad story indeed, hopefully DH is able to fix whatever situation they are in and start helping their valuable customers! I mean, I thought their motto was good value and good support, etc… I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. Please let me know if anyone knows of a way to fix the outgoing email queue issue.


Support hasn’t responded to my tickets either.

I purchased an account on January 18th. It’s now January 27th and my account is still “pending”.

I’ve submitted two support tickets and neither one has been addressed.

In the same boat as the rest of you, and I just don’t understand. I have backup problems on my site, so technical support recommends that I go to a PS. I agree to it, then several days later, it is set up but I have major problems on my site because somebody there did not manage permissions, etc. correctly when the switch was made to PS. My clients go ballistic. I bring this to tech support attention, starting on January 23 and ask for a call back.

Progress: no response except for automated notices of delay or reroute to a different group, no call back in four days (I can’t ask again because the system has now tied this option up), and just plain no help.

I have used DH for quite a while now, have several accounts, have recommended it to others, and have never experienced this kind of neglect. I guess that is a good record historically, but it is not good now, when I am in deep trouble. I hate to leave DH because this may be an anomaly, but I have no way of knowing because nobody there will communicate with me. Here is a link to a screenshot of my ticket history:

Any thoughts on getting this straightened out would be most welcome.