No response from support

Hi, I’ve had tickets open for 2+ days, and support is completely ignoring my requests. I’m pretty sure that they’re not just backed up, because the number of open tickets has remained between 500-600, and there have been 1000+ tickets opened between the time I opened my first unresponded to ticket, and the one I opened this morning.

Is there any further action I can take to encourage support to fix my problem? All but one of my dbs are down, and it’s not a configuration issue on my part, so it’s definitely something they need to take care of.

Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen before? I’ve always had such great service from dreamhost and have been with them for years, I’m really disappointed and discouraged that this is happening. Is this a new service trend for dreamhost?

They hadn’t answered my open requests from three days ago, either, and when they finally did this evening, they closed ALL of my open requests while only responding to one. This is the second or third time in the past few weeks that DH support has done this (closed tickets without responding to the issues raised in them), and it’s a bit tiring and very disappointing.

And my issue was serious as well; my websites simply disappeared altogether after they were moved to another server. I’ve been with DH for years also, and have been very satisfied up until the past two months or so. :frowning:

Submit Support Request (Currently 460 open requests.)

A lot of request are still open and a lot of our sites are down AGAIN. MYSQL issues again… Ugh… They should take 10% off all our bills for all the pain and suffering from the past few months with all their down time lol.

Same here.
My site has disappeared at the end of last month.
I submitted a support ticket on 9/29 and 10/2
but both have been ignored.

Very displeased…

I agree with that wholeheartedly.

Especially since they never refunded my $10 for a secure certificate from months ago, even after we requested it. (Yet another example of support simply ignoring me.)

Yeah I have had no response in 2 days…Also is there something that i need to do? I have a hosting plan and registered a new domain (9.95) and it isnt showing up anywhere in the control panel. Is there something else that i need to do?

Tshotty1, please don’t double post.


i dont even know how to double post

sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. Double positng is when you post the same thing multipel time in the same forum. Frequently people do this thinking that if they put it in several places it’s more likely to get noticed. It’s just not polite, and sometimes there will already be a reply in one place, and I’ll post a reply to the same quesiton in an other because I didn’t see the first reply. (my head’s spinning!)

Anywho, no big deal. Just try and not do it in the future.


I have been waiting five days for a response and have to re-submit the request each morning because the previous one just gets deleted.

DreamHost has become the NightmareHost. They take your money and they don’t come through with the service. I have been waiting a whole month to get my domain up and running and have had no support whatsoever.

I thought Hosting Matters was bad. Silly me.

David Allyn

Our support load has been very heavy this week due to the 888 sale and it sounds like some things fell through the cracks. I’m passing this along to our head of support so he can look into these issues for you.

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After pulling my hair out for six days, John from Support came to my rescue. (Give him a raise)

I don’t require support all that often – in fact, I could go a year without the need. But when I DO need some help, I would like to know that there is someone there that will respond in a reasonable amount of time. In a perfect world, support would read my mind and contact ME before I even knew there was a problem, but hey, if things were THAT good, there wouldn’t be problems at all.

But having to wait two, three, five days and have support tickets disappear from the queue? It is hard not to get frustrated about something like that.

But like I said, John straighten things out for me and I am happy now.

David Allyn

I looked you up in our system and saw your support history there with John’s responses. I can’t explain what would have made your support messages disappear completely. I did see that you have two separate web logins to our web panel and you seem to have sent support messages in from both of them. Maybe you were looking in one instead of the other? Just a guess.

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I created the second login because I couldn’t get the first one to work at all with SSH. Apparently, even though I had changed the password on that first one, it never actually got changed, so I never realized that it was still using the initial password. (The same thing happened when I turned the shell on that login only to come back later and find it set back to ftp)

But I am happy now. I was getting frustrated towards the end there, and it was a feeling that I really hate to have.

But like I said, give John a raise. :slight_smile:

David Allyn

You dropped the domain parking and email redirection services with no prior warning. You didn’t respond to my ticket for over 24 hours, until I couldn’t wait any longer. It is a terrible way to do business. I transferred my account and domain registrations away from you, at least that part seems to have worked.