No response From Support (17 Hours)


I have recieved no response from support for over 17 hours. No email confirming the support ticket, nothing. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I have not had a reason to contact support for a while, but in the past when I have contacted them, I have generally received a reply within a few hours, especially for critical issues.

The panel shows there are currently 970 support requests pending, so perhaps they are a little busy at the moment.

If the matter is urgent, perhaps you can try submitting the request again using one of the more critical request types (eg: “OMG! EXTREME CRITICAL EMERGENCY!!..”).


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My recent support requests (a few over the past month or two) have taken close to 48 hours. I usually get an email around hour 24 saying “we haven’t forgotten about you” and then a response just before hour 48.

And that is using the second highest priority choice in the support form, and with only around 300 open requests. Right now there are 900+ open requests.


On the first request which is 18 hours old now, I used the second most critical. On the second request I used the most critical. My daughter in Iraq is trying to email me, and cannot.

Don’t we normally receive an instant automaticlly generated confirmation email? I didn’t get that which is why I am concerned.

I am a happy Dreamhost customer. | Online Status



We certainly got that in the “not too distant” past, but I think they are no longer generating that “automagically” generated confirming email. I don’t have any “hard” evidence of that, but I did not receive one for either of the two support tickets I submitted in recent months.

I did receive responses to the ticket, just not any emails confirming the ticket’s submission.



I typically give support 24hours minimum and when there is more than 400 or 500 support requests in queue then I give them 48 hours. Can’t expect everything however they usually get back with a useful answer when they do.


I suppose it can be everybody asking questions about the new things right now. As usual, when anything new is announced, there is a rush and that leads to jam…

Anyway, my last support questions last week were answered in couple hours which was faster than I expected from what I had heard. But then again, you only hear from people when something does not work smoothly as it should…

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You guys are right of course. This is just the first time I have had to wait, at all. I got the notice at the 24 hour mark like posted above, and shortly after that a reply. Dreamhost rocks :slight_smile:

I am a happy Dreamhost customer. | Online Status


They do indeed :slight_smile:

I trust the reply from support resolved your issue?


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Not quite yet. I was getting the “relay denied” problem, it was fixed by using SSL. Now the messages are not reaching my ISP from Dreamhost, and my ISP is the only one effected.

Of course my ISP says it is not on their end. Dreamhost on the other hand is working the problem and is not denying, they are just trying to fix it.

Again, Dreamhost rocks.

I am a happy Dreamhost customer. | Online Status