No response for close to 3 days

I am trying to move my domain registry AND webhosting from two different companies to one host, Dreamhost. My site has been down for about a week now and I can’t get an answer from Dreamhost. I’m trying to migrate my database and phpMyAdmin won’t let me do it because of the size. Other methods of migrating, WinSCP and puTTY, don’t work (I assume I need more information, but Dreamhost won’t respond). I am not a techie. I know how to use FTP and a little about HTML and CSS, but the rest is new to me.

I did this partially to see how the transfer went, because I wanted to do the same thing for another site I maintain for an organization. Now I’m not sure I can recommend Dreamhost.

I’ve messaged Dreamhost AGAIN and still no response. Should I start looking for another host now? What kind of service is this?

thank you, Dreamhost, for finally contacting me. Hope you can now help me get my site live.