No reply from support for 6 days

Hi, I got no reply from support for 6 days now, and it’s something urgent for me, do any other people here know if there is holidays for the DH staff until January 3rd (meaning all replies are delayed until then)?
Has anyone received a reply from support in the last 5-6 days? I have no other way of contacting directly the DH staff (i.e. no phone, no ICQ), that’s why it looks like the waiting time this period of the year, from 24h to 6 days now, is too long.

Send another support request. 6 days is not normal, not by a long shot.

Let’s see. I just submitted a support ticket 3 minutes ago. The queue of open requests is now 376. I hope they won’t wait till AFTER New Year to get back to me, as I have a billing-related issue that most wanted to be solved by their next DH Rewards PayPal cashout cycle in the next couple of days. - Gung-ho Web Hosting :: $7.95/mo for 800 MB Disk and 120 GB Transfer

I got a reply shortly after 24 hours within the last few days. The open requests was over six hundred when I sent in my ticket.

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If your issue is billing-related, be sure to specify that in the dropdown-list when you submit your support request. You can also send e-mail to billing [a] dreamhost [.] com directly.

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Thanks for the tip, TorbenGB.

My ticket was responded to in just about 12 hours. Although there are follow up issues, DH support has done its job. Good. :slight_smile:

But then I find a more formal (instead of this P2P) support forum which could respond even more promptly (e.g. in less than 3 hours, if not 30 minutes) might be more helpful. Logistically, I’ll bet many of the support tickets are non-confidential, FAQ-type questions which could be answered in public; this will save at least some of the support manpower (esp. when we have veterans here being nosy :D). The most important thing is: other clients AND potential clients are able to SEE how good DH support is.

To be honest, I learn this from another host (selling reseller accounts) and I like it SO MUCH that I intend to copy it myself: i.e. setting up a forum for support instead of using phone (not to say toll-free). It’s actually more cost-effective. Private and confidential info could always be handled through PM (private message) or e-mail.

Just some quick thoughts. :wink: - Gung-ho Web Hosting :: $7.95/mo for 800 MB Disk and 120 GB Transfer

I have been having problems with my emails and setting it up in Dreamhost Cpanel which is really confusing to me. The first email I sent to Tech Support got answered rather quickly, the 2nd and third havent been answered yet. Plus I have three phone calls to tech support but you cant find a phone number anywhere. So all my business emails are down until Tech Support gets aroiund to waking up or the one guy they have doing it gets around to my problem! I would try their webmail but that doesn’t work either

What problems are you having? Maybe one of us could help.

n/m, I found your thread over here.

[quote]My ticket was responded to in just about 12 hours. Although there are follow up issues …


My billing and payment problem must be more complicated than I thought as it took almost 24 hours for a response to my follow-up saying that it would be forwarded to the Rewards developer, AND THEN another 24 hours waiting.

It’s not exactly very urgent, but you know everyone (and I’m no exception) wants to have some extra cash for the new year. :slight_smile:

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