No reply by DH for more than 1 week


I’ve submitted a request for help on on 13th October

There is no reply from DH.

My username is siekam1

Can anyone help please?


What is your issue? If it is an issue that can only be resolved by DH support, please just wait. Sometimes the issue is already resolved by the time DH support gets back to you.

My account was disabled and I want to get EPP code to transfer out my domain name.

If your account is disabled because you broke the TOS, it is highly unlikely DH support will get back to you again.

Breaking the TOS won’t deprive you of your domain name. I bet they’ll let you transfer it away from here if you ask nicely.

This is how I asked

"May I have the authentication code for domain name?

I would like to transfer away domain name.

Thank you."

I wrote again 2 days ago - still no reply

Since this appears to be a TOS issue, you might have to try sending email to, since they’re in charge when it comes to TOS.