No Public_html

please, i need to instal my specialty theme, and i was asked to unzip it inside the public_html, i entered my server through filezilla but could not find my public_html , i am new to dreamhost and it is really becoming very confusing.

please any help will be appreciated.

Dreamhost doesn’t use the public_html model. Instead your domain exists at /home/USER/DOMAINNAME/ Where USER and DOMAAINNAME are substituted for your info.

FWIW, I cite the documentation being poor, rather than dreamhost’s methods being bad. While the public_html is a popular place to put web content, its by far not the only way. The documentation making the assumption that public_html exists is what is faulty.

Thanks! Additionally, I’d also like to ask please if there’s a DH guide regarding the step by step process on uploading a theme via FTP? I searched the KB site but came up empty handed.

Most of today’s theme’s can actually be installed from within the wordpress dashboard…

Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload theme > Browse

Or if you want to do it via FTP, unzip the theme and then go to /home/username/ and upload the folder there :slight_smile: