... no phones ...?


I am trying to transfer a domain from here to godaddy.
I have the transaction ID and the security code.

I also have the EPP transaction code that appears to be invalid.
I use it at the GoDaddy end. Nothing happens.
A chat with Tim over at GoDaddy just now indicates I need to perform three things to get it moved.

I come here to get a number to call and there isn’t a single number here to call for help.
There is a FAX number that plainly states no technical assistance available through that number - which makes sense to me. I don’t think I’d like to begin a troubleshooting effort through FAX exchanges… that might take … ohhh, I dunno … like … forever…

Instead, I come here to the community forum where I am presented with over 725 topics of wonderfully scattered, uncatalogued, and random help messages… (sigh)
A quick search for godaddy narrows it down to about 75 pages - that’s very helpful … (not!)

All I want is a single number or email address where I can direct my questions:
[color=#FFA500]Does a transfer EPP code have an expiration date?[/color]
My code is from 14 AUG.
[color=#FFA500]If it has expired, how do I get a new one?[/color]

The domain expires in OCT.
At this point, I think I’ll just let it expire; then GoDaddy can pick it up from there…

Hmmmm… what was that FAX number again…? (grin)

Until that time … Earl J.


We don’t expire EPP codes on domain registrations. If the transfer is failing, then one of the following is probably the case:
[] The EPP code you have isn’t the right one.
] The domain you’re trying to transfer can’t be transferred right now (possibly because it’s been registered or renewed in the last 60 days, or it’s been locked). We can’t override the 60-day holding period, but we can unlock the domain if that’s the issue.
[*] The domain has already been transferred.

Our Support staff can help you figure out what the issue is. You can contact them through the DreamHost Panel by accessing the “Support > Contact Support” tab in the panel, or through our web site at http://dreamhost.com/contact/.

I’d strongly recommend that you not allow the domain to expire — doing so will guarantee that it will be expired and unusable for a minimum of 60 days, and may allow a “domain squatter” to register the domain when it drops.


Just as I thought the first time I went there…
I have to be a member to get help.
[color=#FFA500]Why would I want to become a member just to transfer a domain name and never return… ?[/color]

Thanks for nothing …

Maybe because the bottom line is financial and not necessarily helpful …

Until that time… Earl J.


I was under the impression that you were the holder of the DreamHost account that has the domain registration. If you are not, please get in touch with the person who is, as it sounds as though you may need them to make some changes to allow the transfer to go through.