No Paypal Support?

I was recently looking to register a new domain through DH and when I got up to the payment step there was no option to use Paypal. It said on the top that you cannot use Paypal for domain registrations. I have registered 3 other domains via Paypal just fine in the past. Why can I no longer pay to register domains using Paypal?

There have been repeated problems with Pay Pal properly processing payments with regard to domain registrations, and for this reason (and since registrations must be paid for in “real time”) Pay Pal can no longer be used to make registration payments.

Many have found they can “work around” this by making a Pay Pal payment to their general account in the amount of any balance owed plus at least the cost of registrations they want to make.

This leaves a “credit balance” on the account sufficient to proceed with the registration(s), and then the during the registration process, the registration fee amount is just deducted from the credit balance on the account.

I realize this is an extra step, but it is the only way at present to use Pay Pal to pay for a registration.

–DreamHost Tech Support

So is it possible to add credit to your account even if you do not have any outstanding debt? If so then I wouldn’t mind the extra step as long as the result is the same.

Yeah, you can top up your account whenever you like.

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Yes, except when using Google Checkout. The Google Checkout option will not be available if there is no balance pending payment.

You can use the “Make Payment” link on the “Manage Account” screen to make payments at any time via Credit Card, or Pay Pal (if your account is authorized for Pay Pal use, and not all are), and if there is no existing balance, the result is a “credit balance”.

You can then order registrations using that balance.

–DreamHost Tech Support