No password, no email

So I’m an idiot.

I use email hosted through my account on dreamhost FOR dreamhost. I don’t remember my email username for the LIFE of me, and I had an emergency reformat today. In doing so, I can no longer retrieve my password for the control panel with my secret question… so I can’t get to my email OR my account. What do I do?

You should contact DH support by mail (support at DH dot com) - borrow someone else’s mail if you have to. Explain your situation in plain English and provide as many details as you have. I’m sure that if you offer to tell them your billing address or CC information, then they’ll agree to help you out even when you can’t remember zip about your account.
Security NOTE: Don’t email your CC information! Just offer that you’re willing to, if need be.

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Support might reject the message if the email address isn’t in our db - better to submit it through the sales form or to sales at dreamhost dot com if the email address you’re writing from isn’t the one on your account.

Last 4 digits of the CC on the account, billing address, email address and webid of the account would probably be helpful.