No password email received

When I purchased my hosting account, I entered the wrong contact email address on the form, thus I have not received my password, etc. I have been going in circles for days, trying t0 resolve this problem. With ho password, I can not correct the email address and with the wrong email address, I can not reset the password.
I paid the yearly fee. I transfered my donmain to DreamHost with no problem using the correct email address. The transfer has been conpleted.
I have sent messages to DreamHost state this problem and told them that my email was incorrect and told them the correct email. One message I sent even asked me for the first 4 and last 4 numers of the cc card I had paid with.
Since I can not log into my cpanel without a password, I can not see if I have received an answer to my messages.
So here I am with my business website off line. Please HELP!
How can I resolve this problem?

Hello! Normally in these situations it’s best to contact our team via the contact form on I do see that we were able to help you sort this out, though! If you run into any other issues please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. Yes, Matt B @ customer support team fixed this problem for me in lightning time!