No OpenSSL Support?

Hey everyone. I was testing some Key Signature verification tonight and it was failing on the openssl_pkey_get_public command.
It looks as though PHP wasn’t compiled --with-openssl
Before I ask/suggest/etc. it, is there anything I should know about? Something like, is there any reason why it isn’t and or won’t be compiled in?

I moved it here since I had no replies to it’s own thread, and it was more relevant.
And… I totally forgot that I had put it in the PHP5 thread O_o, my apologies.

Re: comment:
Wow… that’s… interesting.

So many distributions that have their own pitfalls.
I love Gentoo, but XMMS is still broken for me, and there was a recent Apache threading issue that happened >_>.
And now this in Debian? Augh.