No Notice on extra space bug in Wordpress



There is a known issue of a space between the long string of characters when setting up Wordpress.
Unbelievable you did not notify us that there is a bug with the link in the email you send. This has cost me over 2hrs of time installing reinstalling I contacted support and he said did you make sure there is no space I said yes – thinking the space is usually at the end – so he reinstalled WP for the 4th time and only then did he mention the extra space is in the middle… – you really need to have a way of letting us know stick a not in the email whatever… this has cost me over $100 in time and put me behind – I have been a Dreamhost customer for 12 years


What long string of characters are you talking about? It’s impossible to provide assistance with the information you have provided.

This is a user-to-user support forum.


Those spaces that break the links are often caused by keyboard returns, not the WP software.

Another culprit is if you are cut’n pasting content into WP.

AFAIK there is no “extra space bug in Wordpress.”


In the email that Dreamhost sends out when setting up WP eg I was sent * See below there is a space between the “n” and the “P2…” this is sent by Dreamhost - Dreamhost support told me this is a known bug and they are working on it… Why I am bringing this up here is to help others that may not notice the gap because if you just click on the link in the email it fills in the url with the gap you get a screen that says invalid reset link
In order to log in for the first time, you will need to click this link to set your password: P2qG8yIBTpPE&login=domainname_3dgtj5

I set up three different wordpress sites over the last week and all of them have an extra space.
I would say its something on my end but Dreamhost support has said its an issue they are aware of.

My vent is they should make a small note in the defult email letting people know to make sure to delete the extra space, I am experienced I have been with Dreamhost for 12 years have hundreds of domains and I missed it.


Thanks but Dreahost support told me it is an issue on their end. I just wanted to let other people know encase they get cause in the invalid reset link loop… Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:


OK then. Sorry you wasted time.

Through the years, I’ve seen broken email links enough that I’ve learned you look for those superfluous spaces. Again, I strongly suspect they’re caused by keyboard returns, or the software creating the emails.