No new dedicated servers! What are my options?

I was told by sales that due to power capacity limits, they cannot deploy new dedicated servers until the end of the year.

If I get on a shared server today, will I have the same experience in terms of Apache, PHP, MySQL as I would on the dedicated boxes?

Is the response time on a shared server good enough to serve up a high content site with images and video?

Is there another solution here?

Thanks for any info.

Well the times are good enough for me. However, if your site is big (a beep load of active users) and uses abunch of resources… well there going to tell you to move to a dedicated server… oppps… no can do… or get the hell out lol =) Thats what sucks Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

Maybe it’s better you get your own server or shop around. Ask them to put you on a waitlist if someone else is cancelling. That’s all I can think of.

Good luck.

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