No more short stats for 'simple' wordpress one-click installs?

The other day, the short-stats function of my wordpress one-click install was down and then back up. Yesterday it disappeared entirely, with the plugin menu stating “wp-shortstat.php file not found” and no replacement plugin listed as being available. Given that the wiki method for turning on regular stats doesn’t work for ‘simple’ installs since you don’t have access to the files at all to update an .htaccess, why was the plugin removed, and will it’ll ever be coming back?

The WP-ShortStats plugin isn’t compatible with WordPress 3.0 or later:

Interesting. Odd that it has worked without issue until this week. I’d swear the wordpress install had been reporting a 3.x version number for months now. Was it removed from the dreamhost simple installs because it was causing actual problems, that weren’t visible when viewing the stats pages, or just by rote because it’s not been verified against the newest version by the plugin author?

More importantly does this mean no stats of any kind for simple wordpress installs? That’s annoying to say the least.