No more PayPal for user-created promo codes


I just recently noticed that you can’t use PayPal to pay for plans anymore when you use a user-created promo code while signing up (used to be only DreamHost created codes)

This will seriously hurt referrals, but it’ll probably help prevent people from just signing up again with a promo code after their plans expire (unless they just use a different credit card)

I think it would better to instead allow people to pay with PayPal as long as they have a verified account (it would be more effective because you need a credit card and a bank account to be verified, and you can’t use the same ones for a different account, and would probably generate more sales aswell.


Yep, and I guess it will also prevent some potential scams involving promo codes. After all, PayPal accounts are much easier to obtain than credit cards (in most countries).

I always suggest that people sign-up using a credit card if at all possible, as plans bought using PayPal are not covered by the 97 day guarantee.


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You may not be able to pay with your paypal account, but who’s to say you can’t use your Paypal Debit card. True, you have to have a premium paypal account but it’s a free upgrade anyhow.

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I always thought it odd that Dreamhost made us wait for 97 days for referrals who paid by PayPal, when those customers did not have the 97 day guarantee anyway. :frowning:

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