No mail with this sender address allowed


I am attempting to forward spam emails to an anti-spam system but I keep getting this error:

550 Error: No mail with this sender address allowed

It doesn’t matter to where I try to forward them, the SMTP server keeps generating this error. If I forward using squirrelmail, they go through fine. Unfortunately, once I download with Outlook, there is no going back to squirrelmail.

Anyone know why this is happening?


I don’t know why you’re getting this error, and of course you want to have outlook working. However, for the meantime you can always set outlook to leave a copy of your messages on the server for x number of days. That would allow you to forward while you’re working things out.



Does Outlook do IMAP? Would that help? It would leave the messages on the server.



Did you ever find an explanation for this? One of my friends is having the same problem, and it is driving her, and me nuts?


I never got an explantion and I really should enter a ticket for it. I am using my ISP email rather than my hosted domain email to send which is OK but I should not have to resort to this. I’ll follow up when I have more info. I just wish there were 28 hours in a day to follow up on these things.


I am having the same problem.


Got an answer.

Me: One cannot forward via email one’s “summary of todays spams” as it
seems your spam blocker sometimes scans entire messages, not just the
headers. One must use scp instead.

Staff reply: Right, that’s basically the gist of what’s happening here. We filter
every message for things like “from:*ebay” or the like. It’s crude, but
works well, not many people send mail that has that in it.
Sorry about that. If you need anything else, please let us know.