No luck installing concrete5 - white page of death

Searched and didn’t find any other threads mentioning my issue so not sure why I’m having such trouble.

First of all - what happened to the one-click installs?? There used to be a bunch of these available, including concrete5 – now all I see on that page is Wordpress. I can’t find any documentation mentioning discontinuing these, very frustrating.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to install it following the manual instructions (v 9.0.1), to a subfolder on one of my sites (shared hosting). I am having no luck because when I hit the index.php (or any other php page) I am simply getting a blank “white page of death” (I checked the source, it is empty).

Renamed my htaccess which made no difference. Thought PHP maybe just wasn’t working (my current site content is all static html), but I created a phpinfo page and that renders fine. Also tried switching the PHP version (7.4 -> 8.1, and then FastCGI -> CGI). No difference. I’ve seen reference to checking “server logs” to troubleshoot but AFAIK there are no server logs I can access for shared hosting?

I’m at a loss, how can I troubleshoot this further?

You’ll find the site’s logs in the user’s logs directory. For example, the path to an error log would be:


Ah, thank you, clearly a failure to read docs properly in my frustration. I found the log directory, but it is empty. I updated my phprc file with the following:

php_flag display_errors      on
php_value error_reporting   32767

but still nothing shows up there, nor on the page. I tried adding the following as well per SO:

ini_set('display_errors', 'On');

but the file just disappears from ‘Additional .ini files parsed’ on the phpinfo page, I’m guessing because of a syntax error?

I also tried adding those last 2 lines to the concrete index.php, but still blank page with no logs. Any ideas?

What the hell…so it turns out I do have log files, but they don’t show up in FTP. SSH with same user and I found them, owned by root but read bit for all. And logs quickly showed the issue, somehow the contents of one .php file were duplicated causing a syntax error…weird.

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