No login info..other web designer moved and gave no info!


Hi. I am a web designer and have been hired to make changes to a WordPress site called The old web designer took off and moved to Australia… (I am in the US). He did not provide any login/password or ftp info for the hosting/servers. Apparently, someone accessed the site and removed the css files!! I need to get to the server to get the backed up css files… (hope they were backed up!!). I have never run into this problem but it seems like someone probably has… What do I do? I am unable to do anything until I can access this dreamhost account. There is no phone # for dreamhost… So I am writing here with the hope that either a fellow member will point me in the right direction or someone from this dream host company will contact me???
Thank u!


Since you’re not the owner of the account, obviously we can’t just hand over information to you :slight_smile:

Since you’ve been hired by the people who run that site, they should be the ones to give you the login passwords. If they don’t know how to do that, we have some handy documentation: (that will help them figure out what user ID you need to access)

If they’re still stumped, they should open a ticket with our awesome tech support.


I understand but the owners have given me this issue to resolve! I can have them contact you if I knew a way to contact u! NO PHONE #!!
As I said, the owners of the site know nothing…no login no password, etc. They didnt even know where it is hosted until I found out! So, we have to solve this asap!! The old designer is gone…far far away! Will not respond to our requests for the hosting info. PLEASE help me?? You did not provide me with any helpful info at all. I would Love to open a ticket with your awesome tech support! Cant do that however, without the correct login info!! If there is another way, please provide me with a link. I really appreciate any assistance you can provide here. These are good ppl just trying to run a business, it is unacceptable what their old designer has done. I will provide any info you would like about me to obtain access. PLEASE help and be specific.
Thank U!!


Just go to and write them with the info you have - which apparently is the domain name. It might be enough…


It sounds as though your site is being hosted by your designer. If this is the case, you will need to get in touch with them, one way or another — as the site is on their account, we cannot give you access to it without their authorization.

We understand that this can be a frustrating situation to be in, but we simply can’t go around letting people into other people’s accounts without permission, especially when those accounts might include data which belongs to other people entirely (like a web designer’s account might).


I do understand that u cannot just go around giving out access. I understand this and appreciate it. However. the old designer is gone. Could be dead. You say get ahold of him for the login info…I told u. He moved from SC to Australia and gave the owners, my clients no hosting info. Login/password nothing!! This is malicious!! The owners/my cliets pay for the hosting. Please… there must be a way to make an exception here!! We cannot get ahold of him. He doesn’t respond to the email we have. Receiving the login info from him IS NOT AN OPTION!! It is in no way fair that my client will have to bye a new domain name, build a new site w new seo. They will lose their high rankings in Google bc the site will b new! Are you serious? Please help us?? There has to be a way to verify my clients info or something!! These are very good people that got screwed over by an emotionally unstable individual… please help make this right?? The owners try to make this world a better place. Please please make an exception…???


Fairness has nothing to do with it. If the domain name was registered under the old web designer and they are listed for the admin and technical contact there is nothing you can do because technically the domain name does not belong to your clients (even if they were footing the bill) nor are they listed to be able to make changes to it. Your best bet is to tell your clients that the hosting account and the domain name are possibly unrecoverable and they need to move on and get a new domain name and web hosting elsewhere. Do not waste further time on this as it seems to be hopeless.

This is not your fault, its the fault of your clients not researching what they were doing. You never give some 3rd party that type of total control just for this reason. I recently took over the website of a company I work for and they made sure that the company name is listed for the contact information and also they keep a file with all pertinent passwords. I had to sign papers to make sure I update the file if I changed any passwords and that I would not try to take control of their domain name or something malicious should I be fired. Its not that they have been burned before, they just made sure to know what they had and how they wanted it taken care of in case their web designer suddenly becomes unreachable.


The domain name is not registered with Dreamhost but with GoDaddy. The site is hosted at DH (nameservers pointing here). The domain is registered to one Will McNelis with contact info in the US and Australia and an e-mail with domain name That domain name has nearly the same registration info (maybe a more recent address in the US).

I suppose this McNelis person is the guy you are unable to contact. Clearly though he controls/owns the domain name in question. You should better deal with that first, if you can get control of the domain name you can host the site where ever you want and there isn’t even any need for you to get access to the particular Dreamhost account that hosted the site (unless you want the data on it).

If things are the way you say they are then someone really screwed up giving full control away to someone else and not insisting for instance that the domain name be registered to the proper owner (apparently Ocean Fitness). If the registrant had been properly set you would have been able to reclaim the domain name by proving you are the proper owner, now I am not so sure what you can do. You might want to start asking GoDaddy what possibilities there are for you to reclaim your domain name.


If this is truly the case then they should be able to contact us.

Have them go to and fill in the form. I would suggest selecting ‘I have forgotten my password!’ and in there explain that they are paying for the account, but do not know their ID or password. Once they have the ID and password for their account, they’ll be able to get you the information you need. You will likely have to walk them through all this, and if I were you, I’d offer to do so for a small extra fee. You agreed to fix their site, not recover everything, after all.