No iOS support

very sad that I was informed by customer service agent Joseph R DeeamHost no longer supports iOS.

My account was disabled last week and then re-enabled a few hours later. I have only been able to access my email spoadically for a total of 2 hours over the last week. This all happened after my account was re-enabled. Hard to believe that this all happened when my account was re-enabled. But, Josehp R was very adimate that it’s an Apple problem. This happened across 3 Domains, from 6 iOS devices. None of these devices have been updated during this time period.

Im very upset that I need to find another provider.

Why was your account disabled? That’s the real issue here… I’m using iOS and I have no problems.

Strangest thing, about an hour after I was informed by customer service that DreamHost does not support iOS everything started working just fine, all Domains and all devices without any changes n my end. It’s been flawless since that point.

It’s magic. I’m a happy camper, hope it continues to work.