No ioncube = no customers

I know that a lot of postings have been dedicated to the subject of ioncube loader. I guess since DH moved to PHP5, all of a sudden we are forced to create the environment needed to run ioncube. Not to mention those guys who are not in a position to use shell or anything like that.
Some of my colleagues told me they won’t take an account at DH for one reason: NO IONCUBE !
Why is DH sometimes so indifferent about such important issues? Why do we have to spend our credits to vote for ioncube? Why is ioncube not simply a standard thing in the hosting package, just like with many other competitors who laugh at DH?
I am sorry to say, but DH keeps new customers away from them by ignoring the need of ioncube. So, how many times on how many blogs should the subject of “DH versus Ioncube” be mentioned?
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Ioncube can be implemented in a matter of minutes.

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I tried many times, but now it’s working.

I tried sXi’s upload, which doesn’t seem to work. I’d like to get ionCube working ASAP, but have already spent a number of hours on this, and I don’t know how to proceed.

More here:

Thanks for the vote of confidence :frowning:

Oh wait. According to your post you didn’t even run it.

I could almost guarantee that the installer script is not infallible as it was chopped from a larger project and is a mess, but I would think one might at least actually run it before making the call on whether it works or not :wink:

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Ha ha! Vote of confidence! I thought I needed to upload the directory itself and run from there. Here goes!


IonCube does not appear to be nearly as important a determining factor in choosing a web host as you seem to believe… just saying.

–DreamHost Tech Support