"no input file specified." error

I’m really scratching my head over this one. I’m using PHP and generally it’s working, but it seems as though a particular directory only returns the above error with the index.php file. I’ve even reduced it to just a blank file (with just the <? ?> delimiters), or even NOTHING, and I still get that output. If I try to access a non-existant file I get the usual 404 error, but for some reason the PHP process chokes on the file.
Anybody know what gives?

This could be the result of several conditions/circumstances. If you provide a little more info, we could help you better.

  1. What version of PHP are you running?

  2. Is this a hand-coded application you have written, or are you having problems with a published package we can look at.

  3. Sometimes a url for your site will let us look at what is happening and give us a clue.

There are some subtleties with PHP-CGI that couls have a bearing on this, for instance, check out this post:



Well, I believe somebody adjusted some setting somewhere, perhaps to do with the CGI, since I am no longer experiencing that particular problem.

Thanks for your feedback though, rlparker!