No incoming emails again

This is exactly the same post I wrote about a year ago, and now I am facing exactly the same problem. Dreamhost appears to have upgraded their mailservers (and we know it was also painful during that time) and even then this issue has occurred. We didn’t even realise and spent hours fixing our clients individually before figuring the server issue.

"I am unable to receive ANY emails on my mailserver
There is no bounce or errors. I do not know how to access logs and dreamhost live support isn’t available for another few hours.

My business relies on email and seems we’ll be making losses today.

Looking at recurring email issues everyone has with mail on dreamhost, it seems like I made the wrong choice. Any quick suggestions are welcome before I can reach support."

I have the same problem

I have the same problem from 8 hours ago

I have the same problem.

No email

I assume this is part of the same problem. No webmail, IMAP or POP access under all accounts across 2 domains. System Status says all is good :frowning:

Same here. Unhappy about system status not reporting the issue.

I can fetch IMAP, view webmail, send via SMTP. But incoming emails are not being delivered to any mailboxes across all domains. Waiting for a reply on support ticket

Same problem with all our domains.

I think now is solved. I receive now mails (not lost mails)
Thanks u

We apologize for the inconvenience regarding the troubles with email this morning. The issue has been resolved and email should be working as expected. Please contact support directly from your panel if you continue to see any troubles:

Thank you!