I can not check or send email, I can not gain FTP access or SSH and HTTP just times out. THIS HAS BEEN LIKE THIS FOR THREE DAYS NOW! 3 DAYS!

Seriously how long is this going to take???

Three days with absolutely NO SERVICES is outrageous! Hell a day is bad enough, but THREE DAYS!

This forum also has serious problems, 9 out of 10 clicks returns 500 Internal server error.

There is already a thread on this in this forum. For problems with service, submit a support ticket.


I would agree. I understand there are some major problems, but three days??

And Scott, why would submitting a support ticket help? We (supposedly) know what the problem is, but it seems that DH is still losing the battle. The alternative to allowing customers to vent is usually that customer taking their business elsewhere.

I also think that being in the dark for day(s) at a time is not very constructive (yes, the last update to the status page was 29 hours ago).

How to submit a support ticket when the control panel is not working, even when able to submitting a support ticket the answer is ‘we are aware of the problem, please bear with us’ I have three sites with DH none are accessible, how long this is going to take, this is becoming routine and it is frustrating .

My site is down… also can’t access the control panel… how do we submit a support ticket when the control panel is down?

This has been discussed just recently. You might want to monitor this thread.

The last message in this thread details the most recent response I received from Freamhost abpout this question.


Anyone know of a more business-oriented host? Someone that can guarantee uptime? I’m willing to pay much more just to have something I can rely on.

Thank you.

Most providers will still only offer 99% uptime, and I’d have to say that since being with dreamhost my uptime has been closer to 99.9%.

Only thing that bothers me sometimes is slow PHP & SQL driven sites, but it’s tolerable.

Well, the first step toward “business oriented” might be to abandon shared-hosting altogether and opt for a dedicated server, depending on exactly what you mean by “business oriented”.

As for guaranteed uptime, I view that as a bit of an oxymoron; things break and even things upstream of any host can prevent a site from being always reachable. I’ve used Dreamhost since 1998, and this is only the second time in 8 years that there has been any “prolonged” down time for their servers (the other was a massive Los Angeles power outage that hit last year). There have been occasional, and generally short-lived, problems with email, but my experience has been generally very good (way over 99% uptime).

I know of no one I feel confident could do better, irrespective of the cost. I’m not sure that paying more would actually get you more. Even running your own box and trunk would likely generate some downtime when equipment fails, etc.

Agreed. I’ve been with dreamhost since 97. While I gripe when things go down, it’s usually short. This year has been the worst though.

I’ve had 3-4 separate times where my sites and/or email were completely down for 8 hours or more.

But considering that after almost 10 years of service, the percentage of downtime is low and the amount of bandwidth/space/services is so incredibly high for me, no one else can match it.

I get 2.4 TB of bandwidth–that’s TERRA, not Gig. I get 80 something gig of space–a small hard drive! I don’t know ANYONE who can match that for what I pay per year.


I agree with rlparker, if your business is wholly dependant on your site’s uptime you should go dedicated or at least find a host that offers DNS “Round Robin” with failover monitoring.

Same for email. If email is critical to your business, host email elsewhere. Shared hosting just isn’t that stable or dependable.

Dreamhost offers one heck of a sweet deal with their plans, so hosting less-than-critical websites and email here is a magically delicious treat. You get what you pay for.

Over FOUR DAYS now and my sites are still not running well. Email is hit and miss, works occasionally other times refuses login, same with FTP. HTTP has ONLY STARTED RESPONDING A FEW HOURS AGO, but EXTREMLY SLOW, I mean extremely slow, most images just timeout!

The problems start to get out of hand for them so they make up excuses about their control panel not working, so nobody can contact them, and the forums become almost impossible to use!

I’m not new to the web and I’m not new to Dreamhost. My Dreamhost websites are not critical to my business, thank God. It would be suicide for your business to be hosted with Dreamhost. Despite what the usual ‘Dreamhost can do no wrong’ bunch say on these forums, and numerous others scattered across the web, downtime and outage is the norm with Dreamhost.

All you have to do is make a little change with their own ‘control panel’, it hangs, nothing happens. Then you find out you are locked out from FTP and your websites are not responding. Contact support and some hours later they respond with ‘configuration error, I had to reboot the server things are fine now’! I have lost count on how many times this has happened and I have had this response.

Dreamhost are a bunch of cowboys, I read an old history they have some place that claims they stared off years ago with a single 386 or such hidden under some persons work desk, I don’t think they have upgraded since, or maybe they have, should it take over 4 days to fix that?

Some here will try to tell you that you get what you pay for, and that’s true with Dreamhost, you pay virtually nothing and you get virtually nothing. There are other hosts, I know one even cheaper, that offers far better service than Dreamhost, and they even have uptime guarantee of 99.98%! I haven’t used a free host for many years but even those were more stable than Dreamhost.

One or two days downtime I might understand, or perhaps four days in a month, but over four days in a row is unacceptable. That’s probably even long enough to be dropped by search engines! My websites are in the process of moving host already.

Fresh from

“We are currently having problems with the filer we have been working to fix since yesterday. It has crashed again and we are in the process of bringing it back up. This outage may be affecting http/ftp/email service for your account. We apologize for the outage and hope to have everything restored to normal asap.”

Since YESTERDAY??? And I thought you’re working on that damn thing since SATURDAY! So it’s already damn Day 4 of the hassle. No, I won’t comment on this crap anymore, just it’s so hilarious.

What about the new server all the files should have been transferred to btw? Never read anything again about it on! Well, probably they stopped working on it because they thought “ah, whatever, let’s save some $$, looks like the damn old filer is doing it again now”.

OK, and now I’m continuing to search for a new host with good prices… damn :wink:

Sites Down AGAIN!!! What the hell is happening and I was thinking of switching host, lucky me PhpGedView didn’t work otherwise I would have switched host and in process got screwed.

I am a relatively recent Dreamhost customer, and I must say this situation is really shocking. I had heard conflicting opinions on Dreamhost’s reliability, but frankly the current level of service makes me wish I hadn’t decided to give Dreamhost the benefit of the doubt.

I was already dissatisfied with the slowness of my Drupal sites on Dreamhost, but then this “crisis” happened and it’s taking so long to resolve. And not even a message to customers explaining that a major problem has occurred (at least I didn’t receive one). I can’t be going to all the time, I have other things to do!

Another thing that really stinks is that they don’t even refund you after they “super-duper” 97-day guarantee is over. My other host – Bluehost – will do a prorated refund so you can cancel whenever you want and still get some money back. I can’t believe Dreamhost doesn’t do this! (If they did, I bet they’d lose a lot more customers given their hit and miss service).

Plus, it would be nice if they could change the forum software, this is pretty clunky.

End of rant.

BS. There was a 2-3 day downtime just last June and then this one in July… how do you get “second time in 8 years”?

The problem is overselling. The quest to get ever more customers has to be match with new hardware and support.

Once again, all my websites are down this is unacceptable according to everything should be OK, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING, if you can’t fix it let us know so we can move to another host.


It is always true when making generalized statements that “your mileage may vary”. I had no such “2 to 3 day downtime this last June” on any of the many sites I host with Dreamhost, though I did have occasional and “short-lived” email issues in June (which I referred to in my post).

My statement was an entirely accurate description of my experiences - that’s how I get, “second time in 8 years.” I even went and reviewed my support history to see if I missed something, and I did not. Obviously you have had a “different experience”, but that doesn’t make my statement “BS”.

It sounds as though your frustration with recent events has made you “personalize” your rexperience to the point where you assume everyoine else had your same troubles. I’m sure many did, but I’m also sure many did not.

That said, IMHO overselling may, indeed be one of the factors contributing to this latest round of grief, and obviously more customers means more hardware and support. I’m hoping (actually I’m anticipating) Dreamhost will learn from the experience and take appropriate steps to harden the system.

My past experience with Dreamhost leads me to believe that the ultimate outcome of all this latest aggravation will be a better, more robust, environment.

Of course, YMMV :wink:

All mine wqebsites are up…you may have a unique problem Have you submitted a support ticket?

[quote]Have you submitted a support ticket?
Yes I did, according to DH support there was unusual high load on my server, Now everything is working, Keep Fingers Crossed.