No home directory created for my username?

I just created a new user to manage a subdomain. But when I log on using SSH, I get an error message about the directory. Is this a permissions problem? I’ve asked Dreamhost support but no answer yet (it’s only been a day.)
Here’s what I see in ssh (I replaced my username and host with MYUSER and MYHOST)
Client operating system: Macintosh OS X Leopard

$ ssh -l MYUSER

Welcome to

Any malicious and/or unauthorized activity is strictly forbidden.
All activity may be logged by DreamHost Web Hosting.

Last login: Mon Oct 5 00:15:31 2009 from
Could not chdir to home directory /home/MYUSER: No such file or directory
$ ls /home/MYUSER
$ cd /home/MYUSER
-ksh: cd: /home/MYUSER: [No such file or directory]

Yep, that’s broken. Support will have to fix it if it doesn’t fix itself. But you can always create a different user and see if that works.