No free trial? Require immediate cancellation


Hello. I’ve sent off an urgent message to tech support but thought I should come here for advice, too.

I think I didn’t complete the registration process correctly, and now after choosing a payment plan have found I won’t be getting any sort of free trial. I see no way of cancelling the plan or my account on the management pages.

At this stage I would mostly like reassurance that I will not be billed, and want to cancel everything as soon as possible. Any help would really be appreciated.


Actually you have a 97 days trial period which garantees 100% money back, excluding any domain name registrations, that would even be now charged if you registered a new domain for $9.95, which you of course own for a year and can take to any other hosting company.

After you login to the panel, you go to Billing & Account > Manage Account > and click on edit (Service Plans - Ends)

I have been with Dreamhost over 6 years and have had many others before that.
In my opinion Dreamhost is one of the best there is for these cheap prices.