No "Follow this Blog" options available


I am unable to set anything up that will allow people of “follow” my blog or site.

I want a widget button to put on my side bar, or next to the Like button.

There is no Follow widget available to add to my side bar.

There is nothing in Jetpack either.

Under Follow Blog, I DO have the following checked On

Show a ‘follow blog’ option in the comment form
Follow Comments

Show a ‘follow comments’ option in the comment form

But that requires someone to go into comments and start a new comment, to see the little check boxes to be notified of new posts and new comments.

What I need is something obvious and easy to reach without having to go into layers to find it.

Please advise. Thanks

hi tspnyc,

do I understand correctly that by ‘follow’ you mean allow your readers to be notified via email that a new blog post is up? I believe JetPack offers a way for people to get notifications of new blog posts via email. I’m not super familiar with JetPack so I can’t really give you precise instructions, but the documentations suggests that such feature is available … Is this what you see in your JetPack configuration option?

In the past, I have used this plugin to manage a newsletter via the blog. Maybe this is useful for you.

Let us know if you need help setting up either JetPack or Email Subscriber.