No error logs except really old ones


I went through SFTP to my root folder, then into logs, then my domain name, then http.numbers here only to find that error logs are listed from back anywhere from about 2007 to 2009.

Nothing current at all.

I’m thinking something is messed up here somehow, either on dreamhosts end or because of my having made so many admin accounts to run different domain names under over the past 7 to 10 years with dreamhost.

Any clues?


I suspect you are looking at and old account.

Navigate in the dreamhost panel to “Manage Domains”. Find the domain that you are looking for the logs for. Look at the “Web Hosting” column. It should say “Fully Hosted” with a user name listed. That user name is the current user name for the domain. Logging in via SFTP with that user, should lead you to the current logs.

Hi. How about logging in via shell and manually check the logs there. Is this something that’s an option for you?