No emails after re-delegation to dreamhost


Hi there,
I’m a new DreamHost customer. 2 days ago I re-delegated my domain to DreamHost, and the web is working well.

However I have not been able to get any emails. I have a catch-all setup, but I can’t log into webmail - it says invalid user / password. If I create a new user, I get the same issue. I can log into the “mailboxes” section as these users just fine though.

Under my ticket section I have an email from DH saying the account is set up and gave me the username and password, but it also fails with POP3/IMAP.

In short I haven’t received any emails in two days and support has not responded to my ticket requests.

Please, what can I do!? :frowning:



I am in exactly the same boat Chris. I have logged a support ticket several times and they keep reporting it as resolved after an hour or two but nothing changes. My web site is fine and I am able to log into the mailboxes section but the email stopped working this morning I have had no reply to a message I left them several hours ago to explain in detail what is happening.

It’s not the best of starts and I hope its a very rare event but the fact we have experienced exactly the same problem suggests there may be a problem at their end with the email configurations for those who have just signed up.



Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your reply. That makes me feel a little more relaxed, oddly enough. At least I know it’s not just me or something I’ve done.

It is stressing me because I have released a new Kororaa Live CD and people have been email me by the hundreds over the last week, and thus far I’ve replied to every email. Now I hate to think that people have been emailing me and think I’m ignoring them because I’m never going to reply! :frowning:

Thanks a lot for letting me know you have the same issue. I just got a reply back from support saying:
“There was a problem w/ the new email system we’ve devised. It should be fixed now, however, so if you’re still having problems, please let us know exactly what info you’re using to login, and we’ll be happy to look into it for you.”

So I have sent them my details in the hope he might actually try it and help fix the problem.

I’m thinking in the mean time I should get them to change my MX record to a system that works. At least then I can get email until they solve whatever issue there is. So if the reply is not positive I’ll do just that and then post back here.



Well, my email is back up… but it’s gone down again… oh it came back up!

I could log into webmail ONCE, then it fails again the next 10 times that I tried so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Support said that there was a problem but that the servers are slowly migrating the fix, and that in a few hours all should be well. (We dont do anything, it will just start working.)

We’ll see.



It often takes a while for DNS servers around the world to catch up with changes; sometimes even 5 days for the MX (mail) records to update.

I’d advise against the catchall setup, as it will just turn into a spam bucket.

Hopefully things will settle in for you in the next couple of days.



Thanks Scott,

To combat that I made sure I was still checking my old mail servers, and that they were still set up to recieve my mail. This way I can’t lose any email, they go to one or the other until the dns changes are seen around the world.

Support confirmed that there were problems with the email system as I had discribed, so hopefully once these are sorted it will be fine.

I only set up a catch-all so as to make it simple while sorting out the email issue with DreamHost, I’ll change this once I’m confident it’s all working properly :wink:



It was exactly the same for me Chris, but I went to bed and this morning it’s all working properly at this moment. Support didn’t actually reply to say what was going on but though this thread with you I managed to work out that only the new domains at dreamhost had a problems and it was likely to be an early teething problem.

One thing which I am very happy about is not having a catch all email address. For years I have had to deal with endless amounts of spam simply because my last web hosts only seemed to provide catch all email solutions.

Let’s hope it all goes smoothly now!