No Domain Name

OK, all the DreamHost screens worked OK. Right down to taking my PayPal fees.

Now its seems the domain name that I registered for, that is included, has in fact not been registered. Now we wait…I did see another posting that said payment with PayPal would not include any of the 777 benefits. I can’t believe this to be true as the DreamHost gave me a PayPal option, and in fact the funds were paid out of my PayPal.

If anyone knows anything, please advise at


Read the fine print (about the sale) on the main page of our site ( It’s possible that we didn’t update the signup code to be really smart about this, but you must pay with a credit card to get the deal. That’s because this whole sale is actually a scam to get your credit card number - after the sale is over, all of your accounts will be disabled, and the Happy DreamHost Staff is going to take a day off to spend your hard earned money at the closest mall[1].

Just a general note to people posting about these issues…

  1. read the main page at if you haven’t already.
  2. If you /are/ going to ask for help here, and want any of the employees who come here from time to time to be able to take a look at your problem, please at least include your domain name, tech support ticket number, or web-id. If you don’t want to post that information here, contact customer support.

That said, the actual problem here is likely some other sort of problem with the signup. Go to Billing -> Change Services in the web panel, and add the CDI plan again.

Write customer support about getting a refund on the Paypal payment and working out all the billing stuff. Not really my area of expertise, but it’s something they can work out for you.

[1] Ok… not really.

OK, my support request post is (2004-10-12 15:03:08 / #913049). And my email address is

With that said, I tried to make the change of services you recommended, only to be faced with another potential bill for the entire subscription - which is NOT what we are going to do.

At this time, some 6 hours later I have not received an acknowledgement or correcting directions from DreamHost. I’ll give them Wed before I dispute the bill that has already been changed to my account.

I am a new customer that just had my account (#62255 - mangles)

There won’t be another bill. Go to the site and setup the plan. Your account already has credit on it from the other payment, so you’ll be able to do that. Customer support will be able to refund the bulk of that Paypal payment so you’ll still be paying the sale price.

I spoke with Josh about the “credit card only” provision, and it turns out that this just means you can’t pay by checks. So, despite what I said earlier, and despite what it says on our site, Paypal is Ok, which is why it works. So I apologize for spreading misinformation - that’s what it said on our site and that’s what everyone else seemed to think.

I think The Happy DreamHost Marketing Team goofed a little with this sale. Not getting all the terms on the right pages, and not getting some of the terms right…

That’s not too bad though. DH still has a great product. This article came out today, and Steve’s comments about product v. marketing seem fitting:

It’s Wed morning and I returned to the billing change applet like you suggested, and all appears to have worked as you advised. I now have a pending registration screen for the domain.

thanks for the help,
mike angles