No domain available on selection for one click installer

I already have a domain registered through I also have a squarespace website. I’ve purchased dreampress hosting here on dreamhost and am trying to get ready to click the one-step installer for wordpress. My issue isn’t the installer, it’s when I click to select my domain, nothing is showing up. I’ve gone out and my domain is listed as FULLY HOSTED with PHP 5.2, what’s my next step? I’m anxious to get my hosting going asap so I can move over in the next 2 weeks from squarespace to avoid another year’s contract with them.
Thanks for any help!

The dropdown menu doesn’t have my domain there to select from, to do the installer. Does this mean I need to transfer the hosting first from my other hosting company before I can install Wordpress?

current website is

If the domain is listed as “fully hosted” on the “manage domains” page of the panel, then it should be appearing as a choice for the one-click installer. If it’s not cat with support from the panel or open a ticket.

You don’t not need to have DNS actually pointing to dreamhost for this to work.