No Ding in Support Chat Sessions

I LOVE having chat again as a functional DH Support option. However, the LiveChat client thwarts my productivity, and that is highly frustrating. I have to either stay on the LiveChat window, twiddling my thumbs awaiting a reply, or else I have to continually switch back to that window to see if a reply has come. Either option is very distracting, and costly to productivity. It seems the solution should be ULTRA easy to implement (other chat services offer this): just enable me to indicate that I want an audible ding when the reply comes. Less preferred but workable solutions would include a) allowing me to pin the chat window in the foreground while I continue work elsewhere; and/or b) displaying that the tech rep is typing (so at least I know to hang tight for an imminent reply); and/or c) other ideas?? Thanks for listening.

Anyone else out there share this grump?