No Data Received Error



Hi… I’m receiving an error when accessing my wordpress site ( that show’s up as “No Data Received”. It sometimes doesn’t show up and sometimes it does. It happens on all browsers.

I’ve done a google search and still can’t find a solution. Other forums said it is probably the hosting service.

Please help.




Have you opened a ticket? looks like there might be an issue with the server or apache instance. It slowly answers me, but with a “The connection was reset” error.

I’m guessing this is a new site?? DNS tools show propagation hasn’t quite completed worldwide even if it’s getting close.


I haven’t opened a ticket yet… will do that. The site is at least a year old, I just took it over a few months ago and this problem just popped up recently. Doing a google search, it seems to have happened on other hosting services as well, but I couldn’t find a solution anywhere and wasn’t sure if it was the hosting service or wordpress.

Appreciate the response LakeRat


This just started happening to me as well. What does it mean to “open a ticket”?


I see your site loading at this time, and it looks like your Apache instance needs to be restarted at the moment. Are you still seeing that error on your end?

Looks like you figured out how to open a ticket. :slight_smile: I’ll work on that for you now and update you via email reply. Thanks for letting us know!