No clue

I am putting together a VERY simple site. Single page two links.
first link is to a video I want to be able to allow others to see
second link is to another site

because this is the first time Ive done this I just used frontpage because I already had it.

I am having problems with the link ot the video. I can link it to the file on my hard drive but cant save it in the web I have created. Would it be easier to upload it seperately and link to it that way?

The video is an .avi file using XviD.


Upload the Video and text file to your website

(MAKE SURE you upload them to the “” directory from the FTP root.)

then verify you get get to them by going to and

Then create your webpage, and link to the URLS you just tested. Then upload your new page to the same directory.


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FrontPage sucks… I would stay far away from it. It’s better to learn HTML yourself so you’re not dependent on a program that creates crappy code.

To link to your file, you’ll have to upload it, because you can’t link to things on your own hard disk; they’re not accessible to others.

It’s pretty simple; if your file is “junk.avi”, then if you upload it to the same directory as “index.html”, then you can link to it with Your File.

– Dan