No authorization emails, no response to form


So, I got locked out of my account for having an unauthorized IP, so I filled out the form with my email to authorize my IP address. Twice. No authorization email. Then I tried filling out the support form and haven’t gotten an email either. I’ve been checking my spam folder daily just in case it got sent there, but nothing. I get Dreamhost newsletters all the time, and got the email to sign up for the forum without issue, so I don’t know what’s going on. The IP thing is really making me frustrated. If someone from Dreamhost could PM me I can give my email address. I really wish there was a number I could call about this. I’m thinking of moving to another host where there’s actually a number I can call for this sort of thing.


hello criticalcatalyst,

Thank you for contacting us for help!

I apologize for any frustration, If you can supply us with the ticket# or domain name on the account we can look into the status right away.

By default, callbacks are not included with the standard hosting package, they are offered as premium support

Matt C


Domain name is Because of the IP authorization thing I can’t even log into my account to get support if I wanted to.


Thank you for that info!

I see that our support team sent you an email update a few days ago, we also sent another email requesting some more info. Please reply back to it and we will get it escalated over to support manager.

If you are not able to access the panel for support we do have a contact form here:

Matt C


I haven’t received either email. Could you please try to send to another email at


It was sent to the email address on file with the account. I have forwarded it over to the address you provided, please reply back to it for further support,

Matt C