No 'add domain' link


I recently signed up for a ‘happy hosting’ account. In the account info page it says I am using 1 / unlimited domains. However when I go to the manage domain page, there is no button or link to add another domain. I only see the one domain I entered when I signed up for the account.

Am I missing something here, or do I need to go through another process to enable the ability to add more domains?


Click the text immediately below “Domain Management”.

Hint: The text is a link (it has a green circle with white cross graphic) and takes you here:


Are you sure you were looking at Manage Domains, and not just Registrations? If you’re in Manage Domains, right below the page title, there’s a subtle link called Add New Domain/Sub-Domain with a green plus icon in front of it. THat’s how you add new hosted domains.



Ok this is weird. There is no text below ‘domain management’ and definitely not any green circle with a plus in it anywhere on that page. (yes I’m on the right page, not the registration one)

However, I am able to use the second link you provided to get to the add page, so I guess that solves my problem. Hooray!

This of course begs the question, why would that link not be there? Is there some kind of account setting for that? Or should I open a support ticket with DH to get it resolved?

Thanks for the responses!!


Great… I just figured it out. I’m using Firefox with the ‘Adblock Plus’ add-on and apparently it was blocking that link. Once I turned that off, it showed up right where you said it would.

Thanks again!


Great. Glad it worked out. Strange that Adblock blocked that.



Gotta love those FF plugins! :wink: