No Access to PhpMyAdmin


I am in the process of migrating my wordpress website from dreamhost to godaddy. This is the first time using dreamhost and it has proven to be very difficult, because I cannot download/backup the MySQL database.

When I go to - My Gaddies, or MySQL Databases, later when I click on the name of “web administrator” - the phpmyadmin is not working. Also whenever I try to go to it directly by: it is also not working. -

I already pointed my domain to the new hosting (both domain and new hosting is on godaddy) - but I can’t finish the process without getting the database.

Please help, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

If you already have pointed the domain to godaddy then that is exactly what your problem is, your request to or is being redirected to godaddy.

Although this article says in the title “before DNS change” and is intended for people migrating it, it should work just as well for you as you leave and migrate away:

You can’t backup or download mysql in DH panel. It is a bit inconvenient. I used to write a PHP script to backup the mysql database every day.

Like LakeRat said, your mysql hostnames are now managed by GoDaddy since you’ve switched the DNS. Do you still remember the dynamic IP address of your hostnames in DH? If so, ssh to your server in DH and connect to your database with the hostname replaced by the IP address. Give it a try and it should work

You could try to backdoor your way in with something like