Nms FormMail won't work with gmail address as recipient

I am experiencing an issue using the nms FormMail where it seems as though the email doesn’t properly get dispatched if the recipient email address is a @gmail.com account. No error is generated that I can tell. Any other address (even if bogus but in the correct format ie. @.) results in a delivered email.

Here’s a clip of my FormMail.pl
$emulate_matts_code= 0;
$secure = 1;
$allow_empty_ref = 1;
$max_recipients = 6;
$mailprog = ‘/usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -t’;
$postmaster = ‘postmaster@####.ca’;
@referers = ();
@allow_mail_to = qw( ####.ca );
@recipients = ();
%recipient_alias = ();

Is there a known issue with the dreamhost mail server that doesn’t allow replacing the reply-to field with a gmail address as this FormMail script tries to do?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks!

Replacing the “From” field with a gmail address isn’t allowed. I’m not familiar with the script you’re using, but make sure that the From represents some address on your domain. (Reply-To can be anything you want, From just has to be accurate.)

Alright. Does anyone have experience using nms FormMail that has gotten around this? From what I can see from the readme, there’s no way to alter the reply-to field. Any other suggestions of FormMail scripts other than the dreamhost one (the dreamhost FormMail works well but has max recipients of 5. I need 6 :frowning: )

Dreamhost formmail sends from an @dreamhost.com address now, not as the wiki says as the person completing the form (this came up in a thread within the last 7 days).

To get more recipients set up a forward only email address via the panel. Such as formmail@yourdomain.com and have that email address forward to 1 to however-many-you-need recipients. The have the formmail TO address set to go to the formmail@yourdomain.com address.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, based on the user’s selection of checkboxes in the form, an email gets sent to any possible combination of 6 different recipients. They don’t all receive an email by default.