Is there a possibility to see nmap command on Dreamhost?
Currently I’m using ping command for monitoring couple servers uptime, but I’m curious about nmap as it’ld be much better for me (possibility of checking port).

Best regards,
Borys ‘bwgg’ Gogulski.

I’d stay away from running nmap, as that’s usually a tool used for poking around in places where one shouldn’t be poking. They wisely don’t have it installed on their servers.

You could try wget to see if you get a positive result code. Or ask support if they’d mind you installing it in your home directory for your specified use.


I think Scott is right on the money with his comment:

From the TOS:


2. Users must not attempt to undermine the security or integrity of computing systems or networks and must not attempt to gain unauthorized access. This includes (but is not limited to) such things as port scanning of either DreamHost or external computers and Denial Of Service attacks of any kind.”

I’m not saying this is your intention, but you should be aware of how certain uses of such tools might be perceived. As Scott says, you can always ask and get an “authoritative” answer. :wink:


wget certainly seems like it could be used to achieve your goals if you’re testing availability of a web site.

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Also you can use curl it talks http, ftp and some others protocols…

Also I use to know when my server goes down a script that wget an archive that is purely text and says “success” if wget can’t get the archive, it sends a mail, saying “check this one”.


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Thank You for answers!

I’m running 2 kinds if “pingers”. First is checking normal web servers (and here ping is enough), second is used for monitoring Gadu-Gadu servers (Polish - from where I’m - IM similar to ICQ) - problem is in fact, that servers are often up (what can be checked by ping) but software which normally handle requests from clients is not working - so from users point of view, server is down. The only way to check if situation looks like I described is to send request to certain port (8074). unfortunatelly ping is not able to do this.

wget - I’m almost sure, that I cann’t use it in this way.
curl - I’m not familiar with it enough, although I heard a lot of good things about it. After quick visit on php.net I found this: CURLOPT_PORT (as I read now it’s able to do ipp.ipp.ipp.ipp:port ; ) but question about restrictions is still actual). I’m not sure, if it allows me to choose any port I’m interested in… Are there no restrictions about this?

Thank You once more!
Best regards,
Borys ‘bwgg’ Gogulski

PS. Obviously nmap would be better for me, as I’ld not have to learn next tool ; )