Ninja Forms + DreamHost

Hi Everyone,

I’m building a WordPress site for a company. I’d like to use Ninja Forms because they have a file upload extension that would really come in handy. I’ve yet to purchase this extension because every test submission that I’ve attempted through the Ninja Forms contact form has failed. I don’t receive the message submitted through the form nor do I receive the confirmation email (email used to submit form is different than WP admin email, which is used to send the confirmation email and is supposed to receive the form submission). Obviously I’m not going to spend money if there’s an issue with DreamHost.

I contacted DH support and they didn’t really answer my question, so I’m turning to the forums. So, has anyone used Ninja Forms on their DH-hosted WP site? Did you run into any issues? Or, is there a better contact form/file upload plug-in?

How is it configured for the “From:” address? It must be a valid address @yourdomain.

It can’t be “From” the email address the form user supplied when filling out the form, nor can it be a non-dreamboat based email address that you supplied in the setup (such as gmail, etc).

Hi LakeRat, thanks for your reply.

We’re using a mirror domain for the moment ( The “from” address is So, this problem will likely go away as soon as we transfer the domain?

There are free plugins that will do that as well. I like the Fast Secure Contact Form