Ninan, server side nzb downloader

Does anyone have any experience with Ninan? It’s a web application to download binary content from news servers. Its main functionality (in my eyes) is its ability to grab nzb files. Anyway, I thought I had gotten everything set up correctly, but I still seem to be getting some sort of error. I’m not sure, but i think the error is java related. I’ve followed the instructions the author provides, but so far have not had any success.

anyway, the sourceforge page is here:

and the main page is here (although it seems to be down right now):

If anyone has any success (or if this is in violation of the ToS eek!), then let me know!

I’d be interested as well if getting this server-side script is possible.

its a pretty easy application to use, i use it all the time on my linux box at home. however, it runs a java application which can be server intensive, so my guess is that this is off limits at dreamhost. however, official confirmation would be nice :smiley:

Understood. I guess it’s the JAVA thing I’m wondering about. I understand Dreamhost has some versions of Java installed, I’m just wondering where to point Ninans call instance for it.

Well, I successfully got this to run.

using the bash shell it was up and running in no time…

HOWEVER, I think that the process is being killed. I can access the port 9090 for about 60 seconds and I log in no problems begin to adjust the settings and POOF! It stops working.

This usually happens about the same time PUTTY is kicked off…

Is there a way to get the nohup & file to stop being shutdown?