Nginx installation of push module. Can someone assist?


I’ve been trying for several days to properly install the http push module for nginx and I am pounding my head against the wall trying to figure it out. I am making the changes to the config file where I believe they are supposed to be made but it is not showing the module as active and my tests are failing. I have it working properly on my localhost but perhaps my relative newbie status to Linux in general and Nginx specifically is hampering my abilities to complete this successfully.

Is there anyone who can spare a moment to give me some direction on yahoo instant messenger or through email or even here? I think I am modifying the wrong file or the file I am placing in my home directory isn’t formatted properly but it could be something else (which I am not sure what it is). Any help will be extremely appreciated.

All my thanks in advance.

Well, I solved some part of the issue. I was missing my nginx folder in the directory - /home/YOURUSER/nginx/YOURDOMAIN.COM/*. Now I have this in place and it is reading my .conf file but apparently I haven’t recompiled nginx properly to take in the 3rd party module. Can anyone point me in the direction of the ./configure file so I can try to add in the module and reload? I did this already in /usr/local/src/ but apparently that is the wrong place.

Thank you!

We don’t include the nginx source on VPSes, as it’s not necessary at runtime. You’ll need to download it from

Yes, I have already downloaded and compiled the source and the 3rd party module already in my /usr/local/src directory. The issue is, ( i think) I didnt install it to the proper directory. I tried following the guide and use sudo ./configure -add-module=/usr/local/src/nginx_http_push_module-0.692 but this gives me an error. So I need to know the proper directory to install it to via configure or configure isn’t working properly on my vps (i assume). Any ideas?