Nginx does not restart

I have had this problem with Nginx for some time now. My site crashes every night 2 AM in the morning. It stays down and does not auto restart. So my visitors get 502 error all night. It works with a manual restart but not with a cron job. I am clueless as why this does not happen in the middle of the day when I have my most traffic. And it baffles me why Nginx does not come back up and start again after crash. I have 2 private servers. They have identical config. One has Lenny. The other has Etch. The one on Etch started doing this a few days ago. The one on Lenny was doing it but somehow got fixed by itself :slight_smile:

I am not just sure how to fix this. Even if I am hitting my RAM limit, shouldn’t the server come back up after crash? I have never ever had these issues on Apache. And this was working fine till just a few days ago. I didn’t change anything. DreamHost guys say they didn’t change anything. I am just not sure how this could happen

Any ideas?